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Advertising opportunities

We understand that many of the people who would like to advertise don't have the money for a large campaign. We want to make our advertising opportunities available to as many people as possible so, unlike a lot of our competitors, our minimum purchase is only £15.00 for either a CPM or CPC banner advertising campaign.

CPM advertising (pay per banner view)

Paying for a number of impressions is one of the best methods of driving traffic to your site as it can attract up to 4 out of every 100 visitors to your site. This may not seem like a lot, but banner ads also offer branding - creating awareness of a site. Branding is a popular method of marketing in all media (such as Nike paying professional athletes to wear their products).

Ads are sold on a CPM (cost per 1,000 impression) basis. What does this mean? It guarantees that your ad is seen a specific number of times. If you rent a billboard, you have no guarantee that anybody will drive by. If you advertise on radio, you can't be sure that anyone will tune in. If you place a print ad, you never know if anyone actually saw the page your ad was on. But, if you buy 25,000 impressions, then your ad will be seen 25,000 times, guaranteed!

CPM rate: £15 per 1,000 banner impressions; minimum booking: 1,000 impressions

CPC advertising (pay per banner click)

Unlike traditional CPM pricing, which is based on other forms of media, the interactive nature of online media allows advertisers to pay for their campaign based exclusively on response to their ads.

Paying when a visitor clicks on your ad is a popular way of only paying for those people who actually visit your site. It is a way to get a "return on investment" that you pre-set, i.e. I will pay £0.20 for every person that finds my site. In theory, the ad will pay for itself since the cost is directly related to the number of potential customers who express interest in the product or service being advertised.

Click thru's
Cost per click

Other discounts can be arranged for larger buys. Minimum order value £25 GBP

Banner specifications and terms

All banner adverts are displayed only on pages from
Banner adverts are supplied by the customer and must be no larger than 15K in size, measuring 468 (width) x 60 (height) pixels in size
Banner adverts must be supplied in either GIF or JPG format
All banner adverts must be submitted to Otherlandtoys at which point they will be reviewed and if suitable placed on the site. Payment will then be requested through our secure payment system.
New banners may be added at any time via email to our staff
Display stats can be viewed via a unique URL supplied after payment
Otherlandtoys log files will prevail in any disputes
Otherlandtoys reserve the right to refuse any application for banner advertising

How to get started

After deciding upon the type of advertising plan (CPC/CPM) that meets your requirements, please email our Advertising dept at stating the advertising plan, number required, the banner graphic file and target website URL.

This information will be reviewed within 24 hours. One of our representatives will make contact to arrange payment (via our SSL secure server) and also arrange a start date for your advertising campaign.

Don't have a banner? No problem, we would be more than happy to create a FREE text based advertising banner for users of our advertising services