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Our affiliate partners programme

What our affiliates say about us

"Just a quick thank you for the speedy bank transfer, it's the first time a merchant has pestered me for bank details! Some others have much to learn when working with affiliates!

It has been easy to promote your site, clean linking, loads of banners and buttons when required, regular updates on statistics and a nice niche market which appeals to many.

The low minimum and a monthly payment will, I'm sure, be attractive to other affiliates AND you answer emails on the same day, almost unheard of in this game ! If you carry on like this we can't lose. As of today, Otherlandtoys has been moved to the top of the page, well deserved."

Regards, Alastair Holgate (Managing Director)

"The Otherland affliate program enables me to earn money without any additional effort once the appropriate links have been placed on my Web site. The products sell themselves and I have nothing to do but watch the commissions roll in. Well done, Otherland for an innovative affliate program as well as innovative and interesting products."

Regards, Lynne,

"...great statistics available for reporting and analysis purposes. Rated 4 stars"

"Hi, you emailed me a while ago asking for a testimonial, I'm sorry its a bit late but I really wanted to do one so please use this: I have been an affiliate for some time now and have to say what a great program it is, the stuff on the site is so great I even sometimes find myself buying the stuff! Obviously the stuff they sell is very popular so you’ll probably be wondering about the reporting and payments; well I can honestly say that they are top notch. You can view lots of stats including in-depth commission information and which of your pages are performing the best, plus they pay into the bank on time!"

Steven Wishaw

The What and Why
Associate and affiliate referral systems are revenue reward agreements (partnership plans) set up by Internet sales organisations to reward webmasters for sending customers to the sales site.

What's in it for you ?
We have placed a considerable amount of effort, using the best currently available Internet affiliate and referral software, into making sure that our affiliates get - above all else - a fair deal. All referrals from your site's banner or text redirection links to the site is accurately tracked and recorded both by IP address and by the use of cookies.

key performance visual statistics
When you sign up you get your own visual statistics password protected pages which will show you in an instant the total click through referrals, unique clicks and equally sales on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

Good Choice of high click-through banners and deep link options
We provide our affiliates with high quality banners promoting both our site and our products specifically. Because we provide banners that promote and link directly to our products, as well as special promotions, we can achieve higher conversion rates than the industry averages. To see some of our deep linking options, click here.

Free content to add to your site
We run regular competitions, giveaways and promotions which will help increase the hits your site attracts as well as providing your site with fresh content. So you can promote a competiton on your site without having to pay for the prize, and what's more, you will earn a commission on any sales that follow.

Commission rates up to 8% per sale and cookies set to 9,999 days
Our system is solely designed to make your effort worthwhile in the long term. Our standard commission rate starts at 6%. We are keen to encourage and reward our biggest and most successful affiliates and to this end we pay a bonus 2% to our super affiliates. To qualify as a superaffilate your site must generate a minimum of £1,000 in sales (or a minimum of £60 in commissions) in any one month.

Our tracking systems will keep paying you commissions from customers you have referred for an incredible 9,999 days, so you that you will also benefit from any repeat sales.

10% commission override bonus on your 2nd tier sales

We also pay a high 10% override bonus for recruiting new affiliates, which uses the same cookie as the referals for the sales! When affiliates you recruited make a sale, you will earn a bonus commission equal to 10% of what they earn. This provides our affiliates with an extra incentive to send visitors to our site as well as recruiting new affiliates directly.

In practical terms
The products we sell range from the £10 X-Zylo to a £500 Draganflyer helicopter, with average sales at around £80. This, in combination with our high conversion rates (over 1.0%) means our affiliates earn excellent income from promoting our products and have stayed loyal to us. As an example, if you were to generate only a couple of sales a week you would make over £50 a month from commissions.

Low monthly payout limit
We want to attract the smaller sites as well as the largest, and for this reason we have a low monthly payout threshold of £25. If you do not reach this in any given month, your account will simply be carried forward to the next until you reach the payout level.

If you would like to be paid before reaching the £25 threshold we can do so subject to an administration fee of £3.00.

Who is it for?
If you have a website or run a mailing list or newsletter, you have all you need to start earning from helping us market our products. We would suggest however that you only consider an affiliate scheme when you have more than 100 plus page views daily, now, or plans to publicise your site to achieve this.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up and start your affiliate partnership with us within a few minutes. Please take some time to read our full terms & conditions.

Instant signup to the affiliate programme