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Airburst rocket

Air burst rocketry incorporates an entirely new peopulsion technology utilising air to create a shock wave and venturi effect that launches its rockets higher and faster than any non-combustion rockets on earth!

pump rocket

Through the bursting of membrane boosters within the launcher, airbust generates astounding power that sends model rockets to amazing heights. With a few pumps from a stand up bike pump its rockets can be repeatedly and easily launched. No combustible or expensive rocket engines are used.

With five different thrust levels you can launch airbust rockets to varying altitudes reaching over 1,000 feet and even beyond visual range. Be prepared for a truly amazing model rocketry experience!


1 Airbust high powered rocket launcher
2 Ready made airburst rockets
30 Photon boosters - Thrust Level 1
30 Bozon Boosters - Thrust Level 2
[use combinations for different levels]
Operating Instructiona and technical info



Click here to see the Airburst Rocket in action (format Quicktime Movie)

Launch ONLY straight up on a firm, flat surface in a wide open area away from bystanders and overhead wires. Never launch at people. Operator and Spectators must be at least 6 feet away from launcher. Never approach a pressurized launcher - release pressure at valve before approaching. Never get in the path of or attempt to catch a falling rocket. Alert all within range before launching. Never put anything in the path of a launch. Carefully read all operation and safety instructions before use. This is a high powered rocket launching system. Misuse may cause severe injury.

Airburst rocket 34.95

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