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AML 201™ breath alcohol analyser

When it comes to drink driving, most adults act responsibly and either don't drive or drink within limits.

AML 201™ breath alcohol analyser

However, as many law abiding motorists have discovered to their cost, police breath tests conducted the next day have proved positive due to residual alcohol, which the motorist was entirely unaware of.

This product is not to help you see how much you can consume and still drive but is there to make you think "Should I be driving ?".

Ideal as a 'Morning After' residual alcohol test, also useful for parents to check for underage drinking and to check employees operating dangerous equipment.

Check your alcohol level before someone else does, nobody wants the stigma of being a 'Drink Driver'.


• Easy to use, simply blow into mouth piece.

• Don't Drive' warning, set at UK limits.

• Low power consumption with 'Power Save' mode.

• Easy to read backlit LCD display.

• Pocket size.

• Battery operated and reusable.

Had a drink - Safe to drive ?

frequently asked questions

Question Is the unit easy to operate ?

Answer Yes, simply switch on, await the ready message on the LCD then blow into the unit. The reading will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Question What is the UK drink driving limit ?

Answer 35mg per 100ml breath (80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood), which equates to 0.8%o BAC.

Question Can the unit be reused ?

Answer Yes, after 5 consecutive tests we recommend a 5 minute wait before continuing.

How accurate is the unit ?

Answer +/- 0.2%o BAC at the alert level.

Question What is supplied with the unit ?

Answer3 X 'AAA' 1.5v batteries. 1 X PVC carry case. 2 X cleaning caps. 18 X blow tubes.

Question What happens when the reading is equal to or above the UK drink driving limit ?

Answer The unit beeps an alarm and a 'NO DRIVING' sign appears on the display.

"Works well and good value for money" LBC Radio Ocotber 2001

AML 201™ breath alcohol analyser 37.90

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