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Internet Alert IA510™

Internet Alert™ solves the problem of engaged tones without the unnecessary expense of a second line and monthly rental charges. Ideal for both home and office use with a compatible PABX.

Internet Call Alert, never miss a call while you surf!

Most Internet users share a single telephone line for all Internet and telephone activities. During Internet sessions, incoming calls are missed. Internet Alert™ is the cost-effective way to create a virtual second line.

Using Call Waiting telephone service, Internet Alert™ identifies the presence of an incoming call and gives the user the option to take the second call or carry on surfing.


• Alerts Internet user to the presence of a call waiting by bleeping and flashing LED.
• Users have the choice of ignoring second call or answering.
• Internet Alert™ automatically disconnects the modem and connects the call waiting caller if the user decides to answer.
• Multi coloured LED provides a visual indication of modem connection - acts as a reminder and prevents prolonged unnoticed connection.
• Compatible with all computer modems.
• Requires Call Waiting service from BT / Cable company.
• Installs between the computer modem and phone socket.

Frequently asked questions

Question: I was under the impression the Call Waiting tone disconnected your Internet connection automatically. In fact I already have the Call Waiting service and I disable it before I use the Internet.

Answer: Incorrect. The unit has been designed to constantly check ( " sniff " ) the telephone line for the Call Waiting tone and it will not interrupt / treminate your Internet connection. The unit will not work without this service being active so do not disable.

Question: Will I detect an incoming FAX ?

Answer: If you use a single line for shared Internet and Fax and you hear a fax tone after answering the call, simply press the “Start” button on your fax to begin receiving. Make sure your fax machine is plugged into the jack marked PHONE on the back of the Internet Alert™ unit.

Question: How much does Call Waiting cost ?

Answer: As of August 2001, BT charge £1.50 per month, This charge is subject to change so you should check with BT for the current price by dialling 150. Cable companies typically charge £1 per month if this service is selected on its own. However, BT is promoting other services such as Call Minder, Caller Display etc. into a value plan. For example, two services from BT cost £1.83 per month, again this charge should be check by phoning for the latest price.

Question: How many phones and other related products can be connected to a telephone line ?

Answer: The total REN value should not exceed 4. The Internet Alert™ 510 has a REN value of 0. Most telephone products have a REN value of 1 or less. Consequently, using the Internet Alert™ 510 will not result in you exceeding the maximum REN value of 4.

“Cheaper than a new phone line.” PC Zone

“Homes and Offices with only one phone line need no longer miss calls that come in while they are on the Internet.” New Scientist Magazine

“I had no problems installing the smart orange Alert 510 and it worked perfectly first time”
The Times

“The Alert is worth a look” Daily Express

“What a bargain!” Mac Format Issue 92

“Comtech’s Internet Alert will save you a great deal of frustration when you get calls whilst you’re on the net.” PC Gamer

“The best we’ve seen.” The Mirror

“What you need is this friendly little orange box called the Internet Alert 510 from Comtech. Picking up the phone automatically disconnects the modem and connects the waiting caller, so there’s no faffing around.” T3 Issue 48

"I like this one. Very nice indeed. Bargain" Liza Tarbuck – Channel 4 “Big Breakfast” show live

"Unless you enjoy the luxury of two telephone lines at home, heading online to surf the net means you may miss an important phone call.
One solution is Comtech's Internet Alert 510 - a real find at the Tomorrow's World Live Show at Earl's Court recently. It works only when you have Call-Waiting facility activated on your BT or Cable telephone line.

The Alert 510 plugs into the phone socket, while both the modem and phone leads plug into the unit. Thereafter, when you go online using the PC modem, either to send and receive e-mail's or to surf the net, the Alert 510 shows a green LED light while monitoring the line.

When someone rings you, the green light turns red and you hear a beeping noise. When you lift the phone receiver, the modem is automatically cut off and you can have a conversation.

When your call is over, click on the refresh button of the web browser and you will be reconnected to the Internet. If you don't answer the call, you might still be able to find out who was calling using the 1471 "Last Number" feature.

I had no problem installing the smart orange Alert 510 and it worked perfectly first time. Some users may have to make a minor tweak or two to their modem settings on the PC, but these are explained clearly in the accompanying six-page manual.

The modem session has to be active for 60 seconds for the unit to work, and it is powered by a plug-in mains transformer (included).

When you are in surfing heaven, phone calls from your children's friends may seem an irrelevance, but here is a device that may help maintain some semblance of family harmony" Tim Wapshott - The Times

Internet Alert IA510 32.90

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