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Apache AH-64D Helicopter

Realistic in detail, this Apache Multi Mission Combat Helicopter will actually circle the room while suspended on its ceiling tether (mounting hardware included).

Apache AH-64D Helicopter

This Helicopter works great whether its to prevent any intruders from entering into your room or simply because there's a heatwave on and you need some fan cooling!

Instructions: Simply fasten the hanger to the ceiling with screws. Please note you must allow 6 feet for the flight path. Hook the line to the helicopter tether loop. Turn the power switch on and give it a starting push in a clockwise direction. It will begin to propel itself. Keep the flight path clear at all times. Be careful when its flying overhead. To stop it during flight, carefully catch the cord and switch the power off. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Apache AH-64D Helicopter 9.99
Apache AH-64D (3 pack) Helicopter 14.95

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