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Electric Powered bubble gun

We have been scouring high and low for a decent bubble-gun and have finally found one we can happily recommend. Guaranteed long line of different size bubbles to amuse the shooter and pester absolutely everyone else!

Rapid fire bubble gun

Great transparent looking design (looks great next to your iMac) and function makes this one of the very best on the market today.

Repeatedly squeeze trigger to blow lots of bubbles. To create giant bubbles, simply squeeze the trigger gently to start blowing bubble, then pull trigger intermittently on & off and watch the bubble grow! When the bubble separates from the end of the bubble gun aim at the top of the bubble and press the trigger to make it spin!

Comes ready with a bottle of bubble solution and 2 x AA batteries.

Electric bubble gun 13.99
Electric bubble gun (pack of 2) £20.99

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