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B.I.O. Bugs

What are B.I.O. Bugs? They're Bio-mechanical Integrated Organisms -- a new breed of artificial intelligence! Take command of the B.I.O. Bugs using the hand controller, or just leave them to roam independently. The longer a B.I.O. Bug stays alive, the more they learn from exploration and interaction.

They "snack" on any household item that emits infrared technology, like the TV remote, microwave or fluorescent lights!

Infrared technology gives these oversize creatures awesome lifelike powers. For example, their transmitters work as honing beacons. Of course, they also "snack" on any household item that emits infrared technology, like the TV remote, microwave or fluorescent lights. Stretching 16 inches long and standing 4 inches off the ground, these B.I.O. Bugs will frighten the entire neighborhood!

Color is the key to their personality -- it defines separate characteristics, strengths and weaknesses in each bug.

The red B.I.O. Bug is known as B.I.O. Predator: The most aggressive of all B.I.O. Bugs, it may even attack its own species.

The blue B.I.O. Bug is known as B.I.O. Stomper: The most flexible B.I.O. Bug, it clambers and hops over obstacles.

The green B.I.O. Bug is B.I.O. Destroyer: This big B.I.O. Bug has a supreme defensive exterior making it the hardest to kill.

The yellow B.I.O. Bug is B.I.O. Acceleraider: This speedy B.I.O. Bug quickly scampers across surfaces, making him the fastest bug of all.

Control their action with the included wrist transmitter. Or special "Follow Me" technology enables them to follow you around. Uses four AA batteries for bugs, and three AAA batteries for wrist remote (batteries not included). Ages 4 and up. Each B.I.O. Bug measures 16 inches long (includes the front and rear antennae) by 9 inches wide, and stands 4 inches off the ground.

Reviews: I bought these for my adult sisters, and brothers-in-law. Got 2 Yellow and 2 Blue, and gave the men blue, and the women yellow. When they opened the boxes they were like 5 year olds. They popped in the batteries, and spent the next 6 hours battling each other all over my mothers Kitchen floor. This was, bar none, the best gift I've ever given. Everyone loved them, and now my Mother and Father want a pair so they can join in the fun.

Wired News review of the B.I.O bugs and a quick guide on your B.I.O bug.

Click here to see B.I.O bugs in action . Format Quicktime Movie, size 6.7MB

B.I.O Predator bug (red) £40.00
B.I.O Stomper (blue) £49.95
B.I.O Destroyer (green) £40.00
B.I.O Acceleraider (yellow) £40.00
B.I.O Bugs Full Set (all 4 bugs) £139.99
Battery pack (4x AA & 3x AAA) £5.99