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Butt Head Velcro Game

Welcome to the wonderfull world of Butthead! The funniest, fastest, silliest game in the world! A world where everyone takes it in turns to wear very silly hats and throw things at each other!!

Butt Head Game

Butthead will provide endless amusement for singles, pairs and teams of people willing to check their credibility at the door and throw themselves into the Buttheadzone...

Each pack contains two hats which have velcro strips on them and targets with scoring areas printed onto the hat, three furry fuzzy beanballs, and a Butthead official game book.

The game can be played with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8..etc depending on how many sets you buy. Commonly the two player game called killer is played with two people facing each other 10ft apart. Flip a coin and decide who goes first. Then the first player throws the balls at the oponents hat scoring points once you have reached 500 points you then become the killer. From then on your score is knocked off your opponents total, instead of your own, get him or her down to ' 0 ' and you have won the game.

Butthead is great as a party game, stag nights, children's parties, for the office, stocking fillers at Christmas, and a fun gift in general.


Boxed set includes 2 very silly hats; 3- balls; requires: 2+ people willing to look and behave like buttheads (not included!).

Butt Head pack 13.95
Butt Head 3 pack 29.95

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