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Automatic card shuffler

This helpful appliance eliminates the need to shuffle cards by hand.

Card Shuffler

No more of those repeat hands from the previous game. Just cut the deck, lay the cards flat on the trays and push the button for an impressively fast and thorough shuffle!

The shuffler takes one or two decks of cards and shuffles them evenly by simply pressing down a lever.

Get the real deal—Excalibur Pro Shuffle for real Vegas action!

• Works with any standard deck of cards
• Includes card return tray
• Great gift for the keen card player, whether it be poker, canasta, bridge, black jack, bacarat, whist, chemin de fer, gin rummy, snap or any other card game you can think of (If we have left any out, please email us!).

Don’t trust your game to shifty shufflers!

Specifications: req. 4 X 1.5V "AA" (included). For best results, manufacturer recommends the size of playing cards is 88.5mm x 58mm. Shuffles 1 or 2 decks completely.

Automatic Card Shuffler