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Radio Control Crane Excavator

In terms of sheer size and functionality, you will not find a better radio construction model than this 1/12 scale excavator crane.

Radio Control Crane Excavator

This radio controlled model is equipped with two heavy duty, independently controlled caterpillar tracks. This means you can perform the tighest of turns in difficult conditions. These turns are achieved by using the two control sticks.

There are also 6 buttons on the radio control unit. These control the actual body section of the crane allowing it to turn while the tracks stay fixed.

They are also used to lower and raise the excavator container and to finally open and shut the container.

With the great height of almost a metre and good weight its possible to lift some pretty big items! The crane actually comes with a number of plastic boulders to practice on.

The crane comes ready built and with everything you need to start your excavations!

Specifications and features:

27MHz multi-function radio control (2 lever and 6 button); 7.2v 600mAh NiCad battery pack
4 hour AC charger; 9v Dry cell battery for transmitter; Plastic boulders; Full instructions.

Radio Control Crane Excavator 119.95
Extra 7.2 Power Pack £18.95

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