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These 8 clockwork critters  are sure to amaze and amuse!

Clockwork critters toys

The Critters are a range of eight clockwork wind up toys designed by artist Chico Bicalho.

They serve absolutely no purpose at all - other than to make you laugh or smile and wonder.



Wind the key and watch this caterpillar come to life as it crawls across your table

Bonga the caterpillar



This little guy has too much energy for his own good

cosmojetz the crazy one



Wants to help you remember stuff by holding cards, pictures, notes such things.

The utilitarian critter bug



This critter was designed as a tribute to the memory of a national hero.

In memory of Katita



Thinks he is one of those greek gods of lighting- but still working on the thunder and rain.

Sparklz: greek god of lightning, well almost



Jumps and hops around just like a faithful puppy!

Spinney the trusty critter



High speed coffee table and wind up desk racer

Zecar the boy racer



An old jeep with the mind of a mosquito.

Critter the original mosquito bug