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William Tell crossbow

We just love a game of bow and arrows. Lick the suction cup, slip in the bolt, draw back the crossbow, aim and fire! You missed the apple on your friends head? Never mind, have another go!

William Tell wooden crossbow

This beautiful Teutonic crossbow takes you back into feudal history when a pair of tight pants and a crossbow marked you out as someone to take seriously. It has tremendous firing power, acuracy and a strong, quality design.

complete crossbow set

The suction pad arrows are designed to stick to most flat surfaces like windows, fridges, mirrors, television screens, painted doors, cupboards, and glossy surfaces. Happy shooting!

Specifications: wooden handle sprung crossbow; six sucker darts; target; instruction book.

William Tell crossbow 29.95
William Tell crossbow 2-pack 49.95

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