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A new breed of artificial intelligence!  

Biomechanical A.I Bugs:

They're Bio-mechanical Integrated Organisms -- a new breed of artificial intelligence!

Take command of the B.I.O. Bugs using the hand controller, or just leave them to roam independently. The longer a B.I.O. Bug stays alive, the more they learn from exploration and interaction.


Remote controlled dinosaur

Remember Ash from Evil Dead II? He didn't have a good day....

Remote controlled Spinosaurus


Cybernetic scorpion

Snapping pinchers, whipping tail action, full body armored shell..

Cybernetic scorpion asassin


Cyber panther

This Remote Control Cyber Panther is sleek and stealthy as the real deal

Stealthy killer


Lazer battle robot set

Delivers the ultimate high tech "tournament-style" action... just like a video game brought to life!

Cyber battling robot set


Cyber watchdog

Specially positioned motion detectors set off a guard dog function to alert its master of intruders.

Cyber gard dog


Cyber spider

Cyber Spider the fully remote controllable mechanoid arachnid.

Arachnophobia's nightmare


Cyber Mantis

Mighty swift slashing claw action, twisting torso, rapid rolling tank traks

Cyber mantis


Cyber Beetle

Frightening grasping mandibles, threatening head & full body armored shell

Cyber beetle