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Remote Control Daleks

The Daleks first appeared on BBC television in 1964. Saturday teamtime would never be the same again, Britain was engulfed by Dalekmania!

Remote Control Daleks

Forty years later, the mechanical despots from Skaro are as enduring as ever. Ingrained into popular British culture, the Daleks live on as true icons of terror, still forcing the staunchest human to run for cover behind the sofa!

We are proud to offer the opportunity to re-create all the excitement and terror again in your very own home!

With seven Officially licenced authentic Dalek commands and flashing lights, this faithful, fully Radio Controlled scale reproduction captures all the evil of the original. Prepare to be EXTERMINATED!!

Available in 3 colors on 2 radio control frequencies- so you can buy 2 and create your own Dalek patrol!

Specifications: Seven authentic Dalek commands; Powered rotating head with flashing lights; Total radio control for amazing Dalek action! Suitable for ages 8 +; Stands an impressive 12" tall (30cm); Requires 6 x AA and 1 x 9V Batteries; Available in Red, Blue or Black. Officially licenced from the BBC TV series.

Review: "One of the most realistic things about the toy is the head turning mechanism. You don't need an another hand to control this as it's achieved by more clever gearing. As you steer the Dalek left and right, the head moves independently scanning the area ahead. This action brings life to the Dalek. It really does look and move like one of the TV props."

Radio Control Blue Dalek (27Mhz)


Radio Control Red Dale (27Mhz)


Radio Control Black Dalek (40Mhz)


Radio Control Daleks (Red & Black set)


Radio Control Daleks (Blue & Black set)