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Dancing Waters Indoor Fountain

Programmable illuminated water show with sound & music choreography

The dancing waters fountain is a great way to bring relaxation and good feng shui to the favourite place you go to relax.

Dancing Waters Fountain

The Dancing Waters machine controls 25 individual water jets with its onboard computer chip. Its built-in fluorescent light illuminates the show with a choice of red, white or blue light.

There are three operating modes to choose from- The auto/demo mode cycles through 14 different water patterns. The manual mode allows you to pick your favourite water pattern. The third (and best!) operating mode is the sound mode. On this setting, the microprocessor, using a built-in microphone, choreographs the water jets to perfectly match your favourite songs!

A speed sensitivity control allows you to change the speed and appearance from long flowing streams of water, to short, bouncy flying droplets.

The dancing waters set includes everything you need to create your very own "son et lumiere" show!

Please click here for an additional image of the dancing waters indoor fountains

Dancing Waters Indoor Fountain