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R/C Dodge Viper Evolution RTR

This car is a faithful replica of the famous Doge Viper, and has an awesome maximum speed of 35km/h.

R/C Dodge Viper Evolution RTR

Uses a 7.2Volt Ni-Cad Battery Pack and has a narrow band receiver allowing races of up to 6 cars at once (on different channels).

Proportional steering allows precise control. Differential gearing, with front and rear suspension give good handling. Packed complete with batteries and charger this car is complete and ready to run. Click here to view the radio control unit.

Specifications and Features:

Length x Width x Height: 475x203x135mm; Scale: 1/10; Sportscar Speed: 35KMH
Frequency: 27MHZ Band, 6 Frequencies; Suspension: Front and Rear; Batteries: 7.2Volt Ni-Cad Battery Pack; Transmitter: 2 Channel Digital Proportional System. Gearing: Differential Gears; Battery Charger Included.; Status: Comes Complete.

Dodge Viper 1/10th Evolution RTR

Extra 7.2V Powerpack


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