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Inflatable multimedia speakers systems

Get ready to "pump up the volume" with the latest innovation in speaker design. Courtesy of ellula sounds, this is Multimedia Gadget Entertainment at its finest.

Hot Air Blue Inlfatable Speaker

After seeing great success and media coverage at CTO 2002 and the electrical retail trade show 2002, the Ellula speakers are now finally available for the first time in the UK!

The Inflatable speakers from Ellula sounds are totally unique. Simply pump up, plugin, and turn on to get great stereo sound from a unique great looking design.

And because the sound is projected around the total surface area of the inflatable shape this is the only true "surround sound" speaker system. Each set of speakers includes an amplifier, battery pack and a power adapter with GB plug.

The Inflatable Speakers can be used with: PC's, Mac's, Personal CD Players, Personal stereos, MP3 players, Mini Discs, Playstation (via a connection kit)

Hot Air Blue: Stand out from the crowd with the Hot Air Blue - with its' rounded shape and excellent stereo "surround" sound quality it's a definite head turner.

Excellent for the office, home, holidays (after all....they deflate to a compact size as well!!) Perfect for meetings, business trips and presenations. Ideal for BBQ's & outdoor events. They make an excellent present and are priced to make an ideal gift for somebody "who has everything".

Each speaker measures approximately 17.5cms in height, when inflated. Base measures 11cms x11cms.

Specifications and Features: All speakers come with amplifier, battery pack and power adaptor; Each system is approx 250mm high and 130mm diam; Weight 1.1 Kilos.
Unit Box Size is 290mm x 190mm x 95mm; Unit boxes are full colour showing product photgraphs and product data; Manufacturers warranty card

Each system comprises: 2 x speakers; Amplifier; Battery Pack; Mains adaptor; Product spec: 2 x 5 watt RMS audio output ; Magnetically shielded; Frequency response: 50hz to 20Khz; Input sensitivity: 350mV; Power adaptor: 9v 850mA; Battery pack; Inflated speaker dimensions: 220h x 140w x 140d mm

Hot Air Blue speaker set £34.95

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