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Sky Emperor R/C Airplane by Nikko

Spread your wings, wind up your engines and it's time to soar through the skies! You don't need a crash course in flying nor a license to fly. Explore the limitless airspace with these great radio-control aircrafts! As Buzz Lightyear will say, "To Infinity and Beyond!"

the smallest and most light-weight prebuilt glider in the world!

It's a's a plane...well, actually, it's a glider. But not just any glider--in addition to being billed as "the smallest and most light-weight prebuilt glider in the world" it features a remote controlled, battery-powered propeller for extended flights.

Hand-launch the plane with the propeller spinning. And then from the remote, switch off the engine and let your high-flying glider adventure begin. Need more altitude? Flip the switch on the controller and the propeller fires up to help you climb again. Master banking turns and flying in different wind conditions as you carefully hone your skills.

The plane's fuselage and wings are all constructed from extremely lightweight, yet durable, foam. Assembly consists of sliding the wings in place and inserting the batteries...that's it. Just in case of mishaps, Nikko includes a direct help number, as well as an order form to order replacement parts. Recommended for ages 10 and above.

Features: The one-channel radio controls steering via rudder; Requires 4 "AA" and 6 "D" batteries (not included); Includes one mini-rechargeable NiCd battery pack ; Quick-charge time: 15 minutes; Manufacturer 60-day warranty; Fuselage length: 21"; Wing span: 38"
1/14 scale

Sky Emperor RTF (inc 4xAA & 6xD cells) £139.95
Sky Emperor RTF R/C Airplane 129.95

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