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Can you change the message?
Yes! You can change the message as many times as you want to. Just follow the instructions on the back- it couldn't be easier. There are three buttons on the back, one is up
the alphabet, one is down and the other is enter.

How does it work?
Underneath the Frisbee are a series of buttons- just press them to program your name or message. Set into the outer rim of the saucer are a stack of high intensity lights which say nothing until the EYE-FO is launched. As it soars through the air the spinning lights automatically illuminate and spell out your name. The letters are visible from any angle.

Does it work for right and left handed people?
Yes, all you do is hold down the "down" button for 10 seconds and the message will read the other way.

Is it dog proof?
If by dog proof do you mean can a dog chew it like it does any other flying saucer, then yes. But if dogs do the other thing that they are prone to do then you may be in trouble as the eyefo is not waterproof!

Does it fly well?
Yes, due to the fact that all the weight is contained in the centre of the disk there is no problem with flight.

Does it make it too heavy?
No, the eyefo is only 10grams heavier than a competition issue ultimate Frisbee.

Will the lights smash if it hits a wall?
No the high intensity lights are protected by special "teeth" that ensure that it can hit a wall at extremely high speeds and not be damaged at all.

How many letters can you put in?
You can put in up to 12 letters.

Can you carry them in a bag?
Yes, you can carry them in a bag, in your car, by hand to the park, shops or even to the beach.

How clearly can you read the words?
Due to the ridiculous amount of money that we have put into developing this technology the LED effect writes with excellent clarity and can be seen from all angles. The faster that the Frisbee is spinning the bigger the words. You can get more speed and spin by grabbing the gripper.

Programming your eyefo:
Switch ON.
Press SET button down until LEDs turn off.
Select letters or numbers by pressing UP or DOWN buttons appropriate number of times (see table below) then press SET after each one.
For spaces between words press SET button.
To store, switch OFF, switch ON your message is stored.
If no message is stored, the words EYE-FO will be displayed.

To re-programme your message
Switch OFF. Then simply repeat steps above.
To switch message to read from right to left handed:
turn disc OFF, switch ON again and press DOWN button for 10 seconds. The LED’s will blink briefly to confirm your request. To switch back simply repeat.
A -1 B -2 C -3 D -4 E -5
F -6 G -7 H -8 I -9 J -10
K -11 L -12 M -13 N -14 O -15
P -16 Q -17 R -18 S -19 T -20
U -21 V -22 W -23 X -24 Y -25
Z -26 - -27 1 -28 2 -29 3 -30
4 -31 5 -32 6 -33 7 -34 8 -35
9 -36