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Programmable Gamma LED disc

The programmable gamma LED disc is a great little gadget to create your very own spinning light show!

Programmable Gamma Disc

The Gamma disc is an exciting appliance that combines electronic technology with fashionable design.

Its 12 LED's rotate and flash to produce 64 patterns and display the programmable message of your choosing.

You can program any message up to 17 characters long. The disc comes with 10 preset messages that you can easily activate.

These messages are: Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, I Love You, Happy Birthday, Trick or Treat, Happy Anniversary, Let's Party, Party Time, Party Is Here, Welcome.

The Gamma disc also comes with a set of 64 visual patterns. There are also 5 modes of operation you can choose: Mode 1 displays 64 different patterns, Mode 2 displays one of the preset messages from 10, Mode 3 displays one of the pre-set messages from possible 10 plus 64 patterns, Mode 4 displays your own programmed message, Mode 5 displays your own programmed message plus 64 patterns. The gamma disc also comes complete with its own AC Adapter.

The gamma disc is great device whether you want to use it commercially- as a point of sales marketing tool or in a club, pub or restaurant. It is also ideal for home use to brighten up a room or as a party decoration.

Programmable Gamma LED disc