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Radio Controlled Go Kart Racer

This Go Kart is ‘ready-to-run’ with 9.6V battery power pack, charger and 9V transmitter battery included. This offers superb value for money to anyone considering radio control.

Radio Controlled Go Kart

The Go Kart is supplied as follows:
* Fully licensed 1:16 scale high performance Go Kart (length 277mm)
* 650mAh 9.6V Ni-Cad battery power pack
* Power pack charger (Re-charge time approx. 4 hours)
* 9V transmitter battery
* Trigger style radio control transmitter (handset) working on 27MHz or 40MHz
* Full instructions

The Go Kart features:
* Full function radio control i.e. forward, stop, left, right turn steering and reverse, stop, left and right turn steering.
* Authentic car styling with injection moulded body
* Steering alignment
* Rear wheel differential gear.
* Each car is covered by a three month warranty against mechanical failure. Warranty excludes ‘crashdamage and/or misuse of car’.

We currently offer the go kart as a racing pack option on dual frequencies (27Mhz & 40Mhz) so you can race a friend or collegue on equal terms!

Radio Controlled Go Kart

2 x Go Kart Racing Pack


Extra 9.6V Power Pack


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