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Walking hand of Doom

Remember Ash from Evil Dead II? He didn't have a good day. His hand was bitten by the head of his zombified girlfriend (a head which he removed with a spade I might add, so you know, fair's fair!)

Anyhoo, said head (hey that rhymes) bit said hand, and the hand went bad and tried to kill Ash, imagine a malevolent 'Thing' if you will.

This obviously would not do, so Ash has to lop it off with a handy (pun intended) chainsaw, that was lying around.

Well this isn't really Ashe's hand, but its still just as much fun! Place it in a public place (train stations and airports are best) and with a simple clap of your hands, watch the hand run away into the crowd and cause widespread panic! Also works well in a busy office.

Specifications: The Walking Hand is around 23cm fingertip to wrist , and takes 3 AA batteries - OCCASIONALLY included.

Walking hand 19.95

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