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Slapshot Mini Air Hockey

Now is the time for some real hockey! But just in case you aren't up to going outside, you can keep the game in your own living room or on the road. The Mini-Hockey game is sure to bring the excitement and enjoyment of hockey right to your lap.

captures all the action of real arcade air hockey right on your table top!

Listen as real air flows through its playing surface, gliding the puck on a cushion of speed! Two-player push-button flippers keep the action fast and fun! Excellent for both children and adults!

SlapShot captures all the action of real arcade air hockey-right on your tabletop!

Specifications: Fast-Action pucks; Air-Flow playing surface; Push-Button flippers; Dual score keepers; Electronic sound effects; Design and colours may vary; requires
2 x Duracell 'C' Batteries (included).

Slapshot airhockey

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