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Racing Oddballs

Kids love these, adults always look silly on them and fall over! Having come through many variations in style and color, they have remained an old favorite for many years.

Racing hopper balls

Simply inflate with air using a footpump and you are all ready to go!

Race, set up obstacle courses, and generally bounce to your hearts content. You would have to be hopping crazy not to have a set on these at hand!

The real question is, how high can you bounce on them now you have grown up?

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Odd Balls are robust enough for adults and are guaranteed to get any party jumping! For ages 9 to 99. The oddballs can be inflated to a maximum of 25"/63cm diameter. If you are looking to buy a space hopper for a younger child (3-8 years old) please click here

The Oddballs racing 3 pack includes 3 balls (orange, pink and blue), a foot pump , racing flag whistle and finish tape.

The Black Flaming 8 Oddball also includes a foot pump, racing flag, whistle and finishing tape.

Racing Oddball (blue) £19.95
Racing Oddball (orange) £19.95
Racing Oddball (pink) £19.95
Racing Black Flaming 8 Odd ball £22.95
Racing 3 pack Oddball £44.95

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