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LCD Horse Racing

All the Excitement of the Racetrack! Hear the hoofbeats and the bugles anywhere you take the LCD Horseracing!

LCD Horse Racing

Choose between two exhilarating games. Climb into the saddle as the jockey and feel the track vibrate beneath your mount’s hooves as you maneuver your way past the other horses! Or pick the winners with a big bankroll! Bet to win, place or show. Jockey your horse to be the first across the finishing line!

Three levels of difficulty, exciting fence-jumping, sound effects, vibrations and clear, colorful display make LCD Horseracing your best bet for fun! A great gift for anyone and cheaper than going to the bookies!

Specifications: 2 Games Mode Options: Horse-Racing & Horse-Betting; 5 Running Lanes & 5 Different Horses To Select; 5 Betting Bankrolls To Select ($500, $1000, $1500, $2000 & $3000) Colorful LCD Screen Display, Vibrations, Sound effects. Requires 2 X AA batteries (included). Raise your bet to win a virtual bankroll, Whip your horse to go faster, press to jump over the obstacles, tap fast to go faster. Spend a day at the track in your very own home. You can even bet real money on the computer horses with your friends and collegues if you were brave enough! A great way to liven up the working day!

LCD Horse Racing