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Hot Air Balloon Kit

Experience the adventure of hot air ballooning with this superb educational kit.

Hot Air Balloon Kit

A runaway best seller in Europe, this kit enables you to build a hot air balloon 6 feet high and with a 15 ft. circumference that flies gently on the breeze. Great for group or family fun - makes a perfect gift!

Packaged with full instructions in four languages, the balloon may be launched with a hair dryer, fan heater, or bar-b-que. See how far you can make it go!

Contains a reusable template and all the materials required to construct a Hot Air Balloon.

Specifications: 1.7m (5ft 8ins) high by 4.5m (15ft) circumference. Includes full instruction booklet in English, French, German, Spanish & Italian. All materials are non toxic. Manufactured in the UK. This is an educational kit not a toy. Construction ideal for all ages but launch by adults only.

Hot Air Balloon Kit £19.95

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