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Hot Heart Packs

Our Hot Heart hand warmers are great for keeping those winter chills away.

Simply crack the disc inside the heart and you will have instant heat for around half an hour. When you crack the disc you set off a small chemical reaction which heats the liquid to about 130F in about 5 seconds.

Hot Heart Packs

To reuse simply heat in boiling water until the liquid goes clear, leave to cool and crack when ready- days or even weeks later!

The hot hearts is the best way to keep you and your hands warm, whether you are on a camping trip, climbing a mountain or just outside in the cold weather.

So small it fits in your pocket and makes an ideal travel companion. Buy for yourself or give it to your partner as a nice romantic gift.

With the double hot heart packs you get a red pack and a white pack.

Double Hot Heart Pack (white & red) 11.95

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