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Fuhai remote control Hovercraft

Amaze your friends with this radio-controlled hovercraft! A Hovercraft is also sometime called an Air Cushion Vehicle or ACV.

This is a vehicle that flies like a plane but can float like a boat, can drive on land like a car but will traverse ditches and small gullies like it is flat terrain.

Remote Control Hovercraft

RC Hovercraft have, until recently, been built by a small group of keen rc modelers. In recent years this relatively obscure part of the model world has become more popular.

This air-powered amphibious radio control vehicle jets over surfaces on a cushion of air -- just like the real thing. Three separate motors shoot pressurized air downwards and provide the power to blast over snow, water, glass, carpet or even the living room floor. Remote control requires 9-volt battery (included). With the three channel radio control you can manoeuver your hovercraft with great precision- 360 degree turns are not a problem!

Click here for extra images: Hovercraft on Water I Hovercraft on ice I Top down view I

Specifications: Fuhai Hovercraft with three powerful motors; Rubber air-bag skirt ; Dual-drive props with safety cages; Top-mount air compressor ; Dual-stick, three-channel radio control transmitter with lift-cut button; Owner's manual; 9.6 rechargeable battery pack; 9V battery; Vehicle Dimensions: 15-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 5-1/2"; Batteries last for 8-15 minutes then recharge. Comes complete and ready to run.

Remote Controlled Hovercraft 89.95
Extra 9.6V Battery Power Pack 18.95

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