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Hoverfly 2 indoor helicopter

Hoverfly is a great little helicopter. It comes attractively finished and ready to fly. It’s small, tough and quiet - and it flies indoors. Yet it handles just like its bigger brothers.

Imagine the excitement of hovering motionless, then soaring away as the aircraft obeys your every command! Soon you are progressing from hovering and precision landings to the new challenges of nose-in flying, figures-of-eight and other exciting manoeuvres.

With the Hoverfly you have none of the worries about engines, batteries and weather

As soon as you unpack your Hoverfly the fun starts. There is no complex assembly or set-up, and none of the worries about engines, batteries and weather associated with conventional model helicopters. With Hoverfly, you can go helicopter flying at a fraction of the cost and with a minimum of frustrating downtime.

Whether you are flying for the very first time or trying out advanced manoeuvres, the Hoverfly enables you to practise and enjoy in comfort.

The Hoverfly is superb for experienced pilots too, with stunning climbout, and crisp tail response thanks to the tiny solid state gyro.

In case all this isn't enough, we've made Hoverfly the most robust, simple and easy-to-fix helicopter around. You can spend more time flying, and less rebuilding it. And if an accident does happen, spares are readily available at a fraction of the cost of conventional equivalents.

Hoverfly's robust, ultra-light tail rotor is belt-driven for responsiveness

• Hoverfly is the miniature helicopter that flies right out of the box.

• Unique patented flight technology - there is simply nothing else like it.

• The ingenious Electrocyclic control replaces complex rotor mechanics to provide the full cyclic, collective and yaw functions of conventional outdoor models. Uniquely, the Hoverfly may be fully trimmed prior to take-off.

• Small size, ideal for indoor operation, whatever the weather. Hoverfly weighs less than 70 grams

• Realistic flying parameters: as soon as you can fly it you will be able to try larger models confidently.

Hoverfly's performance delights expert pilots too!

• Hoverfly's robust ultra-light tail rotor is belt-driven for responsiveness

• Precision tail control with a sub-miniature yaw rate demand gyro included as standard.

• Unlimited flight duration and no batteries to charge. Power reaches Hoverfly via a slim, lightweight, 100-240V ac mains power unit and a thin, unobtrusive umbilical.

Despite its small size, the Hoverfly performs very much like a 30 size machine such as the Quick Kudos pictured here

• Simple and robust mechanics: the brains are in the Electrocyclic control unit and the electronic rate gyro.

• Easy and economic repairs: all parts are available from the UK manufacturer and many stockists. No helicopter is more robust or easier to fix.

• R/C transmitter friendly. Hoverfly operates from standard TXs with minimum of four channels and trainer socket.

The Hoverfly 2 is shipped with its own purpose-designed two-joystick controller, the Snelflight FlightPad. It brings heli flying within instant reach of everyone: open the box and lift off!

And there's a bonus: Hoverfly 2 comes with its own dedicated PC flight simulator program. Faithfully representing Hoverfly's handling characteristics, the flight sim lets you practise the most delicate manoeuvres!

Non-stop indoor flying with a fascinating model that anyone can fly


"Non-stop indoor flying with a fascinating model that anyone can fly... The 'Hoverfly' is a fantastic little machine, which will give hours of fun to anyone that buys it." Iain Erskine reviews Hoverfly in Model Helicopter World, a leading UK enthusiasts' magazine. October 2001.

"I am very impressed - the model may be unorthodox, but the handling characteristics realistically represent a conventional single rotor RC helicopter: what a marvelous British engineering achievement." James M. Wang is a senior contributor to a number of model helicopter magazines. Rotory Modeler, September/October 2001.

"... once you start you're hooked ... the fun is endless." Stuff's staff clearly love the Hoverfly, with a second endorsement in six months. Under the heading Flight Club, the magazine lists just one helicopter among six highly-praised remote-control aircraft. July 2001.

Under the headline "Dream Machine", Dave Ridgeway writes, in his column Bright Sparks - "Watts" going on in the world of electric flight: "This incredible box of tricks converts the input from the pilot to control the motors to give exactly the same control as a normal radio controlled helicopter." Model Flyer

"... novices can learn to fly with it, more experienced pilots can practise their nose-in flying and experts can have enormous fun," comments in its column Straight from the Box - What's new on the ARTF scene? Aviation Modeller International

"... lots of uninterrupted stick time without long pauses for charging a flight pack," confirms "Chopper" columnist David Brian, BMFA News

Hoverfly drew a lot of attention at the Sandown show, May 2000. "Roderick Snell [right] with the Hoverfly on RC Models stand" read the caption in August's BMFA News. The pilot was Hoverfly creator, Phillip Jermyn.

"... swiftly rectifies ham-fisted aerobatics" - proving that even non-enthusiasts can get the hang of Hoverfly! The top lads' mag FHM gave it the thumbs up in a major "Gizmos" feature.

"... after a couple of hours, you get the hang of it" writes Stuff's columnist about the latest remote controlled toys for (biggish) boys - confirming Hoverfly's place in the model aircraft world. He awards it four red stars for quality and appeal. December 2000. Stuff Magazine

Hoverfly 2 helicopter (complete kit) 229.95