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Internet alert call manager IACM4000™

The IACM4000 is a new and more advanced version of the the Internet Alert™ 510. It solves the problem of engaged tones without the unnecessary expense of a second line and monthly rental charges. Ideal for both home and office use with a compatible PABX.

Using Call Waiting and Caller Display telephone services, IACM 4000 identifies the presence of an incoming call and displays the caller's details

Most Internet users share a single telephone line for all Internet and telephone activities. During Internet sessions, incoming calls are missed. Internet Alert Call Manager 4000™ is the cost-effective way to create a "Virtual" second line. Using Call Waiting and Caller Display telephone services, IACM 4000™ identifies the presence of an incoming call and displays the caller's details, giving you the option to take the second call or carry on surfing.


• Alerts users by bleeping, flashing and displaying name and number of second caller whilst surfing the net - do you need to interrupt your Internet session ?
• Multicoloured LED indicates modem status and new calls.

• 40 name & number directory (20 digits, 15 characters).
• Includes power supply - no batteries required.
• Easy save / editing of directory from call log.
• Incoming call log - number of calls, time date, number and name- if stored in the directory up to 80 calls can be logged..
• 0.1 B REN Value.
• Displays current time and date.
• Dial back from call log.
• Indicates incoming caller details and withheld, unknown, international etc.
• Non volatile memory - call log and directory back up.
• Phone ring option on Internet Call Waiting
• Compatible with BT/Cable Networks & services e.g. BT Call Minder and BT Answer.
• Massive savings - avoids second line connection and rental charge.
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Frequently asked questions

I was under the impression the Call Waiting tone disconnected your Internet connection automatically. In fact I already have the Call Waiting service and I disable it before I use the Internet.
Know who's calling you before logging off!

Answer: Incorrect. The unit has been designed to constantly check ( " sniff " ) the telephone line for the Call Waiting tone and it will not interrupt / treminate your Internet connection. The unit will not work without this service being active so do not disable.

Question: Will I detect an incoming FAX ?

Answer: If you use a single line for shared Internet and Fax and you hear a fax tone after answering the call, simply press the “Start” button on your fax to begin receiving. Make sure your fax machine is plugged into the jack marked PHONE on the back of the Internet Alert™ unit.

Question: How much does Call Waiting cost ?

Answer: As of August 2001, BT charge £1.50 per month, This charge is subject to change so you should check with BT for the current price by dialling 150. Cable companies typically charge £1 per month if this service is selected on its own. However, BT is promoting other services such as Call Minder, Caller Display etc. into a value plan. For example, two services from BT cost £1.83 per month, again this charge should be check by phoning for the latest price.

Question: How many phones and other related products can be connected to a telephone line ?

Answer: The total REN value should not exceed 4. The Internet Alert™ 510 has a REN value of 0. Most telephone products have a REN value of 1 or less. Consequently, using the Internet Alert™ 510 will not result in you exceeding the maximum REN value of 4.

The IACM 4000™ is brand new and as such the press have not yet reviewed this product. As soon as any third party information is available you will find it here.

Internet alert call manager IACM4000™ 42.95

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