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Nikko iRacer cars

From the world famous remote control car manufacturers Nikko, comes one of the smallest infrared racers around, the iRacer.

Nikko iRacer cars

It's the tiny car which boasts some cool functions, its gun-grip handset, fits nicely into your hand making it very easy to manoeuvre. We believe it to be the most excellent remote controlled car ever invented and it's also one of the smallest measuring just over 4cms.

Mini Nikko iRacer The ultimate executive toy to circuit the desk jotter, this minute car lives inside the handset which is a fast charger, taking only two minutes to power up, allowing the car to run for 10 mins consecutively.

Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included). Flip the top of the handset and slot the car to connect to charge.

With more features than most of its counterparts, this car allows you to quite literally drive it around the desk. You are sure to find the handling most impressive, a unique steering wheel feature enables to car to be directed more accurately. The cornering and power switches give you an all-together better drive and the accelerator trim can be adjusted, to suit your speed requirements. So you can finely, tune your vehicles handling towards you.

Subaru iRacer

Available in 6 models: Subaru Impreza, Mini Cooper (red), Mini Cooper (yellow), Mercedes (blue), Mercedes (silver) and Mitsubishi (red) .The iRacers work on various channels. From 1 - 5 you and an opponent can race your iRacers against one another.
This is great for an Interoffice Rally Championship or Grand Prix with your mates.

The iRacer is reason alone to keep your desk tidy, however, if the boardroom is free…

Colours and designs may vary from that shown. Each model is on a different frequency so please select different models in order to race them.

Specifications and Features: Length x Width x Height: 45x25x25mm; Scale: 1/70
Frequency: 27MHZ Band, 5 Frequencies; Stering Wheel Control; Batteries: 4x AA; Handset Houses Charger ; 5 Channel Infared range of 7 metres; Cornering Selector Switch; Detailed Body Work; Full function r/c; inbuilt charger; full drivers handbook; pre-built chassis.

Nikko iRacer (Subaru imprezza)
Nikko iRacer (Peugeot 206)
Nikko iRacer (Red Mini Cooper)
Nikko iRacer (Yellow Mini Cooper)
Nikko iRacer (Silver Mercedes)
Nikko iRacer (Blue Mercedes)
Nikko iRacer (Red Mitsubishi)
Set of 4xAA batteries

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