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Radio Controlled Kayak

Slick new Kayak is not your every-day RC boat. Put it in any lake, pond, or pool then push the controller's left stick forward. The brawny Kayak rider starts paddling himself at an entertaining pace.

Remote Control Kayak

The Kayak rider figure is articulated for added scale realism. Steering is accomplished by the right stick, by dragging a paddle, or both. The Kayak can even move in reverse. Ready to go, including one 9V battery for the remote control and a 4.8V battery pack pre-fixed in the RC Kayak.

Specifications: Unique internal mechanism makes it row like the real thing; Completely sealed battery compartment for waterproof battery protection; Included charger is beginner-friendly and easy to use; 30 minute run time on one charge; 1/10th Scale; 2 channel radio control frequency at 27 MHz. Includes 4.8V battery pack (pre fixed) and 1 x 9V battery.

Radio Controlled Kayak 49.99

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