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Meccano Airship Construction Set

The Meccano Airship Construction is part of popular the Crazy Inventors series of 5 multi model motorised sets.

Meccano Airship

With the Meccano Airship Construction Set you can build 3 different unique models with the 357 wood, metal and plastic parts supplied in the Airship Crazy Inventors Erector Set.

Included in the set are a an inflatable balloon, articulated wooden wings, a wooden deck, an anchor with chain, tools and a character.

A 6V motor (requires 4 AA batteries which are included) powers the motorized rotors. The distinctive models you can build with this set bend the past with the future and have mechanical functions that provide surprising movements! Parts are interchangeable between Crazy Inventors Erector Sets for even more creative fun! Click here for a larger picture of the Meccano Airship Construction Set.

Specifications: - Join those crazy men in their flying machines with this ‘Crazy Inventors’ Airship set. Features real inflatable balloon; Set contains 357 parts including articulated wooden wings.; Detailed assembly instructions for 2 models plus suggestions for an additional model. All necessary tools included;· Suitable for ages 8+ ;Powerful 6V motor powers each model.

Meccano Airship Construction Set 54.95

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