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Meccano Special Edition Train Set

Do you remember the Construction Sets from your childhood? Now you can watch your child or grandchild experience the same fun and excitement of building his own Constructio Toy!

Meccano Special Edition Train Set

Out of production since the 60's, Erector sets reintroduced to today's children by Meccano have won the prestigious Parent's Choice Foundation Gold Award.

The larger the set, the greater the flexibility in design and a greater number of models that can be built one at a time according to the illustrated instructions provided with each kit.

Meccano has been producing these sets in Europe since the early 1900's. While basically the same as the old Erector, today's sets all use easier to tighten allen head bolts.

The Special Edition Train Erector Set builds a working large scale locomotive that will run on G Gauge track (not included). This set is Packed with 100's of shiny steel girders, plates, nuts and bolts, wheels, a motor and everything you need to build cars, machines, towers and other creations that move. This is a limited run special edition set and is set to become another real meccano collector's favourite!

Specifications: Includes a 6 Volt motor (requires 4 AA batteries, included). This huge set comes packed in deluxe storage case. Build the Locomotive and 5 more intricate toys with the illustrated instructions provided. Or create your own designs that really move with the 521 parts included with this set. Click here for larger image of the Meccano Train Set

Meccano Special Edition Train Set 79.95

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