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R/C Renault Maxi Megane Evolution RTR

This superb 1/14th scale remote-control ready-to-race car is a faithful replica of the Renault Megane. In full racing livery it comes with a full function transmitter, digital proportional steering and speed control.

R/C Renault Maxi Megane Evolution RTR

With suspension front and rear for smooth handling. Interchangeable crystals allow you to race six cars at a time.

Specifications and Features: Length x Width x Height: 315x170x105mm; Scale: 1/14
Speed: 28KMH; Frequency: 27MHZ Band, 6 Frequencies; Car Suspension: Front and Rear
Batteries: 9.6Volt Ni-Cad Case Pack; Transmitter: 2 Channel Digital Proportional System.
Gearing: Differential Gears; Battery Charger Included; Status: Comes Complete.

Click here to view a Quicktime video clip (331KB) or view the remote control unit here.

Renault Maxi Megane Evolution 1/14th

Extra 9.6V Cassette


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