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Mini Boules Set

This set of mini boules is the perfect way to relax and relieve some stress whether it is in the office, at home or down the park.

Mini Boules

Comes in a compact carry case and easily fits into any bag. Also includes a measuring tape to settle any competitive disputes.

Basic play:

Teams made up of one, two, three or four players. Each player uses 2 or 3 boules. Toss a coin to decide the first throw. The toss winner decides the play area and throws the cochonnet (jack). Playing area can be anywhere. Draw a circle to stand in to throw. Throw the Jack about 10m from the throwing circle. The first team then sends a player to the circle to throw the first boule trying to get as close to the Jack as possible. The opposing team then attempts to throw a boule closer to the Jack then the first thrower.

They continue to throw until they do so or until they run out of boules. Once a lead is established the other side must throw until they regain the lead or run out of boules. Do not play alternative throws. Once all boules have been thrown the score is recorded. The team closest to the Jack wins one point. Extra points are won for any other boules that the winning team has, which are closer to the Jack than the opposition team. The winner then draws a circle around the Jack and starts a new "end". The game continues until one side scores 13 points. Matches consist of 3 games.


Six mini boules and wooden jack in a smart canvas-style pouch; 3½ cm diameter; full game instruction booklet; measuring tape.

Mini Boules 9.95
Mini Boules 3 pack 24.95

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