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Mini G3A3 Machine Gun

These softair guns are absolutely fabulous and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Relive those Scarface moments 'Say hello to my little friend' and blast the hell outta your old bakedbean cans.

Accurate and fast these softair guns will give you your money's worth and thats guaranteed! The air pellets are made of 'soft'-plastic, giving great velocity and accuracy. Shooting range is approx. 65 Feet

We strongly recommend that you order extra BB's when ordering a Mini AirSoft Gun. They come with 100 BB's, but you'll go through those in about 30 seconds!

Caution: These are NOT toys. Projectiles fire at extremely high speed; DO NOT point at anyone at anytime. NOT for use by minors. You must be over 18 years of age to buy these items.

Specifications: 100 BB pelets; 30.5cm long; safety catch; takes Softair pellets; hop-up system for greater range; holds 70 rounds; fires 120 rounds per minute; Requires 4 AA batteries not included.

Reviews: Thankfully, this particular firearm is pretty harmless but still enables you to indulge in your Scarface re-enactments in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Simply pull the trigger and a stream of plastic pellets spurt forth, get lost under the fridge, terrify household pets and annoy the hell out of anyone else in the room. As the man Pacino would put it: "Say hello to my little friend..." Official Dreamcast Magazine, May 2001

Mini G3A3 Machine gun 35.20
Mini G3A3 Machine gun (2 pack+ free 2000 BB) 59.98
Extra 2000 6mm Soft Air pellets 9.98

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