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Mini Evolution Subaru Imprezza

Tiddly racers for the home or office, the new Nikko Mini Evolution racers are perfect miniature scale rally cars!

Mini Evolution Subaru Imprezza

Runs on easy to change AA batteries plus 1x 9v for each transmitter (not included)- good battery life means plenty of playtime between changes. Alternatively, use AA rechargable batteries.

Full function - forward, reverse, left, right & stop! Tight turning circle and authentic body styling - good enough to display as a plastic model! Microswitch controller with instant switch from lock to lock! All cars include radio controller. Just add 3x AA batteries and 1x 9V to run!

You can also race your friends or collegues in your Subaru Imprezza against a Mini Evolution Peugeot 206 ! Please see the racing pack below.

Specifications and features: Approx 7 inches in length. All cars include radio controller.
requires 3x AA batteries and 1x 9V; Full function: forward, reverse, left, right & stop; 1x microswitch controller; 3 month guarantee against mechanical or electrical failure, plus full on-going spares backup through dedicated helpline.

Mini Evolution Subaru Imprezza (40Mhz)

Racing pack (1x Subaru & 1x Peugeot 206)


Battery pack (1x 9V & 3AA)


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