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Battling mini 168 submarines

These beautifully made, fully functional submarines make bath time frolics a real pleasure! Small, compact and fun, they bring the concept of submarine dynamics and functionality to life.

Available in two colours red/black, each colour on a different frequency- so buy two and you can have submarines battles!!

They have two motors for upward and downward thrust, so they can dive and surface. The shark painted design of these mini-subs. They come with shark stickers and look the part, complete with conning tower!

The transmitter is waterproof so the batteries don't get wet, with twin channel, full function, allowing forward/back, left/right, up/down manoverability . They are powered by 3xAA batteries (submarine) and 1x9v (transmitter). Specification: Motors: x2; Size: 168x145x110mm. Click here to see the minisubs in action (1MB, requires windows media player)

Mini 168 submarine (red 27 Mhz) 49.95
Mini 168 submarine (black 40 Mhz) £49.95
Battle pack 2 x Mini 168 subs (red + black) £89.95
Battery pack (3 x AA and 1 x 9V) £5.95

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