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Night Navigator- northern hemishpere

Find & Identify Constellations, Stars and Planets in Just Seconds!

Automatically shows you where to look to find the constellation, star, or planet you want to see!

Night Navigator

16 illuminated sky charts orient to your view of the sky to make it easy!

Plus! Quickly identifies constellations and bright stars you notice on your own!

Show family and friends Orion the Hunter, Pegasus the Winged Horse, and 41 other famous constellations–even all the zodiac signs! Not just a collection of beautiful star charts but patented technology that automatically shows you where to look to find the constellation, star, or even planet you want to see. Plus, Night Navigator quickly identifies constellations and bright stars you spot on your own! It's almost as simple as pointing!

Uses a built in digital compass Night Navigator uses a built-in, digital compass and patented micro-chip technology to quickly and easily locate 43 constellations, plus all first magnitude stars and even the visible planets–Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn! Sixteen colorful, illuminated charts label and divide the sky into clear, understandable sections and "connect the dots" to show the classical star "pictures" of heroes and villains.

Night Navigator even tells you how high in the sky to look.

Bonus book, Navigating the Universe, explains space, the "Big Bang" theory, the chances of encountering other life forms, and many other topics, in easy to-understand terms. Includes 16 pages of full-color photos illustrating every type of object known in the universe!
Batt. Req. 4 X "AA", 2 X "C"

Night Navigator