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R/C heavy duty off roader: The Rocket racer

R/C heavy duty off roader: The Rocket racer

This is one of the fastest ready to race electric all terrain off roaders you will find anywhere!

The rocket racer's heavy duty wheels and high chassis ensure that few obstacles and terrain can stop this one from pounding ahead into the horizon.


Ford F150 Giant Truck

The most highly specified ready-to-race offroad drive trucks we have come across.

Ford F150 Truck


Ford F150

Monster truck delivers in both speed and all terrain ability

Ford F150


Jumping Car

This RC Stunt Hopper is fitted with two motors, one for driving and the other for jumping.

Amazing Jumping car!


Hurricane buggy

Enjoy the thrills of off-track racing with this set of nifty buggies. Top speeds of 16km/h.

Hurrican dirt buggy


Police Patrol

Big and impressive, the police patrol is built to pursue offenders on and off road.

Police Patrol


Steel Fighter r/c buggy

Copes just as well on grass and dirt tracks as it does on the roads.

Steel Fighter Buggy


Fire Engine

A tough offroad fire engine with an integrated water tank. For the Fire Chaser no target is too far!

Fire Engine


Crane Excavator

This crane comes ready built and with everything you need to start your excavations!

Crane Excavator


Jack Hammer Monster Truck

Monster Truck with powerful motor, variable speed and proportional steering.

RC Monster Truck


Zaboon 4WD Buggy

Superb power buggy that will roar over rough terrain and come back for more!

4WD Buggy


ATV Quad biker

A "must have" big boys toy..the Quad Bike all terrain vehicle

ATV quad biker