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Airburst Rocket in the Sky!

Airburst Rocket

Air burst rocketry incorporates new propulsion technology to create a shock wave that launches its rockets higher and faster than any non-combustion rockets on earth!

Launch airbust rockets to varying altitudes reaching OVER 1000 FEET and even beyond visual range!!


Racing Oddballs

You would have to be hopping crazy not to have a set on these at hand!

Hop around in these


High-tech frisbee

Inspired by the batons of Chinese traffic cops, this "frisbee" can display any message!

Eyefo the high-tech frisbee


Aerobie pro style frisbee

With this frisbee, noone will ever outhrow you again!

Aerobie frisbee, how far can you throw it?


Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

Orbiter will fly out about 90 feet and then it really does come back!!

A boomerang that really does come back!


Aerobie Dogobie Disc

The Dogobie Disc is guaranteed to keep your pet in great shape!

The best Pet Friendly Frisbee


X-zylo Ultra

It’s flight is simply unbelievable--play the ultimate game of catch!

incredible mystery flyer


Hot Air Balloon Kit

Experience the adventure of hot air ballooning with this superb educational kit.

Hot Air Balloon


Roller Skate Shoes

The phenomenon that has already swept USA is available in the UK at last!

Launching soon!


Le Max Scooter

Le Max is the technically superior 2nd generation skate scooter for 2001!

Le Max Scooter


Helix grip football

Double action micro pump and needle valve always at hand to re-inflate the ball.

Helix grip football and micropump