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Combat Ball Paintball Simulator

Imagine the tension and excitement of a full-on game of Paintball - blood pumping, nervous excitement, sneaking around, team tactics, never knowing where the enemy is, the constant fear of being hit…

Combat Ball Battle Kit

Now imagine being indoors! For most, the idea may sound ludicrous (though perhaps strangely tempting) but Combatball promises to deliver. With no paint and only highly visible, reusable ammunition to tidy up after there's almost no end to where Combatball can be played.

The system is designed around the ingenious "V-ball" projectile, a lightweight, large calibre sphere coated with thousands of small loops. Targets and body armour are covered with corresponding hooks that the V-balls stick to on contact. The main component of the Combatball system is the hand held "Launcher", constructed from anodised aluminium and robust plastic and capable of projecting the peculiar ammunition at speeds of around 50fps with startling accuracy. Magazines holding 7 V-balls allow for rapid reloads and a potential rate of fire of around 2 rounds per second.

handheld launcher There are many aspects of Combatball which put a new edge on combat gaming. The game can be played almost anywhere, indoors or out, so weather is never a problem and V-ball ammunition is reusable and brightly coloured to make them easily recovered for the next game (there's even a UV colour option that allows you to retrieve your ammo in the dark, assuming you have a UV lamp!).

The simple yet ingenious launch mechanism is quick and easy to operate without the need for compressed air, and the whole system is robust yet incredibly light, so players can carry enough ammunition for extended gaming without being weighed down.

If used in a responsible manner and with proper consideration to others, Combatball is exhilarating, addictive yet harmless fun for ages 14 and above. The Two Player pack provides all the protective clothing required to take part and additional body armour and safety glasses are available among our range of accessories. Additional Combat Ball battle packs may be purchased to create larger teams of two sides (yellows & greens).


The ultimate combat game for indoors or outdoors. Everything you need to start skirmishing all year round. For ages 14 and upwards. Battle Pack contains: 2x AK20 Launchers, 4x 7 Shooter Magazines, 100x V-Balls (50 x yellow, 50 x green), 8x Arm Pads, 4x Leg Pads, 2x Head Protectors, 2x Body Armour Targets, 2x Eye Protectors and 1 dartboard style target.
Exciting game-play scenarios and safety instructions. Read it before playing!
Colours may vary. For ages 14 and upwards. Always read the safety instructions provided. Have lots of fun but remember, safety first!

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