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Super Power Z 200 electric radio control airplane

Pre-assembled and ready to fly RC airplane. Soar through the skies in style because this truly is one stylish airplane. The wingspan stretches some 32 inches which allows the plane to glide if required although it does have a motor.

Super Power Z 200 electric radio control airplane

This airplane can fly up to 300 meters (1000 feet) and is light weight and safe to fly. It requires a small amount of space to take-off and land and speaking of landings it has improved crash resistance.

So easy to operate..flick the safety button to start....hand launch the airplane and you're some classic scenes from Topgun.

An excellent feature of this RC airplane is that it has an auto cut-off feature which automatically reserves enough power to control and land the airplane when then airplane battery runs low.

The Super Power Z 200 has many great ways to fly: hand take off and climbing, descend and spot landing, formation flying, pylon racing, circling, figure 8, spiral, gliding.

It encorporates advanced electronic and FM radio control systems. As well as having variable speed control it also has a digital proportional rudder which gives even greater control. The Super Power Z 200 can travel at a staggering 25kmh (400km/h to scale) and has a flying range of 300 meters (1,000 feet).

We are pleased to say that for the first time, the Super Power Z comes with a 60mins instructional VHS video to give you safety tips and get the best from your rc airplane. We are now also including a Car battery charger as standard! We recommend buying at least one extra battery so you can double your flying times! With two batteries you can have one charging while you fly the plane with the other battery! The Super power Z can use regular 4.8V or upgrade speed 6.0 V batteries. Length: 575mm; Span: 800mm; Weight: 220g; Freq: 27MHz; Batt:6.0V NIMH;


Pre-assembled & ready to fly; requires small space for take off and landing; lightweight & safe; adult supervision recommended; fun & easy to fly & glide; turns novices into expert pilots; made from crash protected carbon fibre & special plastics; comes complete with 2-channel FM digital proportional rc controller; high power NIMH rechargeable battery pack; ac or dc charger; colours: white (super power z); decals and full piloting instruction manual. Interchangeable trainer wing and performance wing. Spares easily available. Duration: full power for 8-10 minutes, flight can last 15mins plus when used as a glider with gentle power control. Package includes in car battery charger and full instructional video. For more detailed information on the power Z, please refer to the frequently asked questions.

Super Power Z 200 electric airplane £119.95
Extra 6.0 V 600 mAH Ni-Mh upgrade speed battery £18.95
Extra 4.8 V Ni-Mh battery £16.95
Battery pack for remote control unit (8xAA) £5.95

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