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These miniature radio controlled cars come complete in a tin!

Each Race-Tin car is fully radio controlled and extremely simple allowing all ages to quickly be racing against each other.

Race Tin Odin

Cars can move forwards, back, left and right. With various frequencies, multiple cars can be raced against each other. Race them indoors or outdoors on most flat surfaces. We currently have 3 in the series with many more to come. The cars currently available are the Race Tin Faraly, the Race Tin Dragon and the Race Tin Odin. Please note exact colors may vary.

For maximum fun we advise you to order a multipack so you can race against your friends and collegues.

The Race-Tin cars are scaled 1:32 scale, allowing maximum speed and agility and yet small enough to hold in your hand. They come in a tin which when you unscrew the lid and remove the car, the lid becomes the controller. All you have to do is to fit the antenna and you're off racing. Race-Tin cars come with an 8:1 motor as standard. Requires 2x AA for the controller and 2x AA for the car.

Race Tin Faraly
Race Tin Dragon
Race Tin Odin
Race Tin 3 Pack (all 3!)
Set of 4xAA batteries

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