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Waterproof fish radio (AM/FM)

Take this handsome fish radio with you into the bath or shower and listen to the top 40 countdown, sing all the latest tunes, hear the football results or even catch up on the latest episode of the Archers while you wash.

Waterproof Fish shower radio (AM/FM)

With powerful suction pads stick this fish onto your bathroom tiles or windows and you need never be bored again while you wash! There's also an alarm button, which we assume is so that your partner can dash in and stop the racket if you get too carried away. Actually, its really useful to call someone for a towel! Includes nylon rope for hanging and suction cups for wall mounting. Exact colors may vary.

Specifications: - AM / FM

- Volume adjusted by eye

- Station adjusted by fin

- Singing adjusted by you

- Takes 3 AA batteries (included)

- Waterproof… we hope.

Waterproof fish radio (AM/FM) 19.95

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