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Swarovski crystal rainbow maker

The Swarovski crystal rainbow maker was created by artist David Dear. It is a wonderfully imaginative work of art.

Click here to see how the rainbowmaker works

It is also a perfect tool to bring good feng shui into your home or business. Beautiful rainbows appear when the light hits the rotating cyrstal that attaches to your window thanks to a suction pad. It is a wonderful gift to bring the joy of colorful rainbows into the home of people you love.

This solar powered Rainbow Maker will fill your room with a swirl of dazzling rainbows.

Stick the rainbow maker to a window that receives direct sunlight. As the sun hits the solar panel, the Swarovski crystal will rotate and create beautiful rainbows that move around the room.

The rainbow maker is H 151mm; W 50mm; D 25mm.

Swarovski cyrstal rainbow maker

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