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Pro Sport Reef Skimmer

If you have ever wanted your own jet ski but can't afford one yet- why not treat yourself to a ready to race model jet ski like this one!

Pro Sport Reef Skimmer

The reef skimmer is an outstandingly sleek and fast ready built watercraft model of high quality with articulated rider figure.

With the included 27MHz 2 channel radio control system you can have precise control over tight turns. The reef skimmer is also of strong, lightweight construction to ensure good longevity.

The Pro Sport is a highly detailed semi scale model which looks and impresses just as great in the water as out!

Rudder Trim Feature:

The reef skimmer features simple-to-use steering trim adjustment. If your Reef Skimmer does not drive in a straight line when not being steered, do the following: Drive in a straight line without steering. If the model turns to the left, turn the trim control knob a little in the direction of the R mark. Adjust until the model drives straight. The same principle, but to the L mark applies id the model is turning right.

Bilge Pump Feature:

The reef skimmer features an automatic bilge pump to expel water from inside the hull. The bilge pump is operated whenever the Reef Skimmer is steered left or right. The bilge pump works best when you keep steering the Reef Skimmer to the right.

Please note: The reef skimmer is designed for use in fresh water only- it is not designed for use in salt water!

Specifications and features:

Highly detailed semi-scale model; completely pre-assembled model jet bike with articulated rider figure; 27Mhz "full function" radio control; 9.6v 1000MAh rechargeable power pack; AC fast charger; 9v dry cell battery (for transmitter).Skill level required is beginner to intermediate; suitable for ages 8 & up; dimensions 410x210x210mm.

Click here for a larger image of the Pro Sport Reef Skimmer

Pro Sport Reef Skimmer 74.95
Extra 9.6 V Powerpack 18.95

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