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Roller skate dance shoes

Roller Skate dance shoes - The phenomenon that has already swept through Asia and the USA is available in the UK at last!

The innovative new design used in these shoes is unlike anything available in this country, allowing you to flip between roller skate shoes and Trainers by clicking the button on the back of the heel.

Roller Skate shoes - The phenomenon that has already swept through Asia and the USA is available in the UK at last!

This enables you to create amazing dance routines changing between modes as many times as you like!

Modern materials ensure that roller skate shoes are comfortable and light-weight, and high-quality, professional bearings and mechanism provide a smooth and safe ride. When you are wearing them out and about, there is nothing to carry in either mode and the Safety Button can be locked to ensure the mechanism will not trigger by accident.

Roller Skate shoes are available in every UK size from 1 to 10. A brake is supplied with each pair to help you learn safely and hex keys are also enclosed with which to remove the wheels if they need to be replaced, or if the mechanism needs to be cleaned.


The shoes start off in walk-modeTwist the Security button on the heel of the shoeKick your heels together to press the button and the wheels spring open. Repeat with both shoes-you are then free to start dancing!

When you wish to revert back to walking, simply press the Security button against the toe of the other shoe and the wheels will begin to fold away. Push your foot down until the wheels are fully retractedTwist your foot to the outside to lock the wheels into place. Repeat with both shoes. Turn the Security button back to the lock position and you are in walk-mode once again


Stainless steel mechanism and axle-
ABEC-5 PROFESSIONAL QUALITY BEARINGSLaces - High quality Nylon lacesUpper - Microfibre PU and Leather, Suede or PVCOutsole - High abrasion resistant rubberMechanism - Stainless steel plates give high tensile strength
Midsole - EVA moulded wedge gives light-weight cushioningBearings - ABEC 5 for high precision and temperature resistanceWheels - Super durable Urethane adhesion complex Backer- Micro-fibre allows durability and flexibility while maintaining light weightInsole - Non woven fabricLining - Soft and comfortable brush Tricot with PU form

Roller skate shoes are manufactured by a team of professional shoe-makers with over 20 years experience of the industry. Years of Research and Development have been undertaken in order to produce the high quality products available today.

AIU Insurance, GS and CE certificates have been passed. Patent on four-wheel design registered worldwide.

Roller skate shoes be used only on flat, clean and dry surfaces.
Do not use this product on public roads, uneven or non solid ground, (grass or sand)

Why roller skate shoes ?

Looking back over the past few years, products such as in-line skates and mini-scooters have been massively popular with people of all ages.

The main problem with these concepts was that, when not in use, they had to be carried or stored. This meant that they could be stolen, lost or forgotten.

With roller skate shoes, at the flick of a switch, they convert from skates into shoes, so you have no need to carry anything, they are always with you!

How are they different from existing products? Other shoe manufacturers have added wheels to their trainers before, but so far, they have used only two wheels on each foot which made them less stable and therefore less safe.

Roller skate shoes use four wheels on each foot giving greater stability. This means they are prefect for complex dance moves and routines. Roller skate shoes also come in a greater range of styles and sizes, meaning that older children and adults will be able to find the right size in a style they love!

Do they look and feel like normal shoes?

Yes, advanced, high quality materials such as Microfibre, EVA and flexible and breathable insoles are used in construction so that roller skate shoes are as light,
comfortable and hard-wearing as normal trainers. European stylists have worked on the designs to ensure they will appeal to the customer.

So are they good skates too?

Yes, roller skate shoes use advanced ABEC-5 bearings, (which are used in professional roller blades and skates), to give an incredibly smooth ride, despite their compact wheels.

Roller skate shoes were also developed with the help of Anthropometric engineers. This has allowed the designs to combine style with ease of use and there is no problem with ankle support.

How about durability?

Roller skate shoes use wheels made from a specially selected, super durable, strong-ground adhesion Urethane complex linked to the Stainless Steel metal mechanism and they have passed the toughest German ITS GS tests for reliability.

What if I need to replace a wheel?

If wheels do wear out on your roller skate shoes , you will be able to buy replacements and even fit them yourself using the hex-key supplied with every pair.

How do I stop?

Roller skate shoes are supplied with an add-on stopper to emulate normal roller skates but we have found most of our customers need this only for a short time.
roller skate shoes also use super abrasion resistant rubber for the soles which will not be destroyed by repeated stopping.

Are they safe? Yes, roller skate shoes are certificated to the latest European Safety Standards: GS-PR EN 13899 and CE-EN 71 Safety Accreditation to ensure the product is
suitable for children from six years upwards.

How do I know they will be popular?

Roller skate shoes have already been on sale in Asia for 12 months and 150, 000 pairs have already been sold. In the USA, during three months since their launch, 30, 000 pairs have been sold. Demand in both areas continues to grow by the day.

Please specify shoe size required at the checkout in the "additional information" area. Please note we currently have sizes 1-10 available for the black and the stone colours only. For the white colour style, we have sizes 1-7 only.

To see the three styles currently available, please click here

White lightning (white) £39.99
Black Thunder (black) £39.99
Sand Storm (stone) £39.99

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